AKU Flood Response Fund
As floods wreak havoc in Pakistan, the Aga Khan University is part of the relief efforts by federal and provincial governments, and public-private institutions. Our teams are setting up healthcare camps and mobile units in affected areas; and providing medical support, including medication and other resources, to local public facilities.

Join our hands in supporting our fellow citizens in this hour of need.

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Donate Zakat & Sadaqat to PBS for AKUH

About PBS
The Patients’ Behbud Society for Aga Khan University Hospital (PBS) is an independent, charitable society responsible for collecting and disbursing zakat to help mustehiq patients so they can receive high quality medical treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), its clinics and medical centers.

PBS, in its brief history has been able to support more than 18,000 mustehiq patients who belonged to extremely underprivileged segments of our society. PBS is a legal entity managed by a group of volunteer members who are prominent citizens and well-respected in the country. These members ensure that mustehiq patients are identified through a meticulous process and zakat is disbursed strictly according to Shariah.

Every single paisa of collected zakat is strictly spent on the treatment of mustehiq patients and none of the PBS related administrative expenses are charged to the zakat fund.

PBS accounts are audited annually and are available to general public.
Zakat Facts
For Year 2013
Disbursement - PKR 137.65 Mn
Beneficiaries (No. of patients) - 2,599
Patient Testimonials
"If AKUH had not assisted us, it would have been impossible for us to raise the funds required for his treatment, and we would have been compelled to take our baby back home." A Patient’s Father